奶奶 (Nai Nai)
Short Film
Nai Nai means Grandma in mandarin. Having lost her mother in the Nanking Massacre in 1938, YuQian has lived with a deep-seeded grudge towards the Japanese. One day, YuQian has to face her hatred once again, when her granddaughter Mei brings home her Japanese fiancé Ken. Will YuQian learn to accept her granddaughter’s love? Or will she be forever stuck in the Past?

Here is the trailer of the film! The complete film will be available after film festival runs in 2021. Please check out our social media for future updates!

Created a color Script to understand YuQian’s emotions and overall mood throughout the film earlier in the production.
Artist: Pearl Kaewpanya

Character turnarounds and initial outfit designs before finalized pass.
Artists: Emily Che,  Jamie Nguyen
Animation progression of the first shot of Nai Nai, from storyboard to the final look.

Storyboard: Minori Uemura, Animation: Minori Uemura, Chris Jeng, Cleanup: Jessie Giang, Compositing: Hsiu Lin

Rigging test of YuQian. A rough model of YuQian was rigged and tested before handing it over to the animation team. Through several alterations, YuQian’s design was changed so she looks more amiable and relatable to the audience.
Artist: Truc Nguyen (Head Model), Alexandra Farnsworth ( Body Model), Emerson Chan (Rigging)

Here are some of the props that can be found in our film. The items found in YuQian’s house were inspired and referenced from many of our team members’ houses and cultures.
Artist: Jasper Francisco, Mitch Alano, and more.
Crew Members
Hsiu Hsiu Lin.jpeg

Hsiu Lin


Producing, Script Writing, 3D Animation, Compositing, Production Management


Jamie Nguyen

Visual Development Lead

Character Design, Set Design, Promotional Art


Chris Jeng

2D Animation Lead

Story, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Promotion


Emerson Chan

Technical Director

Rigging, 3D Animation, Lighting, Rendering 


Tina Wu

3D Animation Lead

Story, 3D Animation, Promotion


Ashley Chung

Lighting Lead

3D Animation, Lighting, Rendering


Minori Uemura


Story Lead, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Production Management

IMG_0235 (1) copy.jpg

Emily Che

Visual Development

Character Design, Set Design, Promotional Art


Andre Ramirez

2D Animation Lead

Story, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Promotion


Jasper Francisco

Modeling Lead

3D Prop Modeling, 3D Set Dressing


May Behdjat

3D Animator

3D Animation, Promotion, End Credit


Katherine Yu

Compositing Artist

Story, 3D Animation, Compositing/Color Enhancements

Visual Development 

Michelle Dinh
Stacy Han
Stephanie Ho
Pearl Kaewpanya
Lillian Lee
Justin Leung
Sunny Liu
Eugene Paek
Tina Su
Sally Thai
Que Tran Whitney

Prop Modeling

Mitch Alano
Caitlyn Bui

Elizabeth Van Campen
Michael Esten
Justin Leung

   Truc Nguyen
Jack Sides
Isabelle Maria Tumboimbela


John-Paul Balmet
David Chai
Raquel Coelho
David Yee

2D Animation

Jessie Giang
Lillian Lee
Meiya Lim
Jin Limpanukorn
Hal Nguyen
Lynn Nguyen
Trent Osaki

Character Modeling

Mitch Alano

Caitlyn Bui

Alexandra Farnsworth
   Truc Nguyen

Character Texturing

Mitch Alano
Michael Esten
Jack Sides

3D Animation

Jinju Bang
Aerik Bertulfo
Rosanna Davila
Lillian Lee
Betsy Lee
Meiya Lim
Misen An Nguyen
Lynn Nguyen
Jonathan Paulo
Noah Sanborn
Mai Shirai
Julie Thompson
Val Anne Wingfield
Logan Wong

Sound Design

Dakota Gregoric


Tasuku Odaka

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