What is Parallax?
Parallax is the effect in which the illusion of depth is created and a new perspective is presented. This effect best describes the experiences of San Jose State University’s Animation/Illustration Class of 2021 during their senior year. A year of trying to cope with COVID-19 while having everything moved to online learning. Our students faced many challenges and learned to adapt in the midst of a pandemic and an ever-changing world. Despite being caught between the online realm and their final academic year, the BFA Class of 2021 persisted, and their art transcended the limbo that the world had placed them in.
We invite you to take a look at the work of our students produced within the depths of their ever-shifted BFA year.

Hope you enjoy the gallery! 


Gallery Committee 2021 

Sophia Aceves
Minori Uemura
Darrion Dollesin
Franceen Loy
Cassandra Chen 

The Parallax Gallery is the culmination of the best work produced by the San Jose State Univerisity Class of 2021. Our students are graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the Animation/Illustration Program, supported by the Shrunkenheadman Club. Over the course of their college career, the BFA Class worked hard on honing their fundamental skills and developing their craft in their chosen field of concentration: Animation, Modeling, Story, and Visual Development.
While producing portfolio work in their specific concentration, the students formed groups to develop their own Senior Thesis Projects. In collaboration, each group aimed to produce a finished creative product to explore their creative expression, push their skillsets, and learn to work within a team environment. By the end of their senior year, the Class of 2021 produced several animated short films, an illustrated children's book, a few webcomics, and a video game.
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