A Fleeting Moment
Short Film
A Fleeting Moment follows the story of two raindrops, Brine and River, as they fall from the sky above a busy city. The path Brine and River take has many ups and downs, but it teaches them to enjoy every moment they have together. Join this lovable pair on their journey to discover what it means to be alive.

Here is the trailer of the film! The complete film will be available after film festival runs in 2021. Please check out our social media for future updates!

A selection of images from our model sheets, which show our two characters, Brine and River.
Model Sheets: Marco Perez Head Turnarounds: Brook Jiang

An early piece of concept art. Artist: Junhao Su

This is the initial color script created to show the color change based on Brine and River's height in the sky and the emotional changes in the film.
Storyboards: Brook Jiang Color Script: Allyanna Demafeliz

These are some of the backgrounds from our film. They are a mixture of 2D paintings and 3D city models.
Artists: Credited on individual images

Animation progression, from animatic to color, of a shot from the film.
Storyboards: Brook Jiang Animation: Marco Perez Color: Arica Rivera Background: Cherise Punzalan

Animation progression for a shot that utilizes a 3D background.
Storyboards: Brook Jiang 3D Model & Textures: Allyanna Demafeliz Background: Allyanna Demafeliz Animation: Brook Jiang and Arica Rivera Color: Daisha Sherman
Crew Members
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Allyanna Demafeliz


Writer, Visual Development, Models & Textures

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Brook Jiang

Story Artist

Animation, Clean Up, Color, Compositing


Junhao Su

Visual Development



Victoria Yando


Animation, Color, Compositing, Editing


Arica Rivera


Color, Compositing, Modeling, Texturing


Brenna Dickson

Clean Up

Johnny Do
Thuy Du Tran
Jaleen Gong
Morgan Groves
Andre Huang
Franceen Loy

Visual Development

Cindy Hoang

Chloe Leanne Agustin

Justin Leung
Cherise Punzalan
Kristen Yu

Character Design

Marco Perez


Katarina Ayson
Morgan Groves
Cindy Hoang
Chloe Leanne Agustin 
Katie Leong
Justin Leung
Cherise Punzalan
Devin Rowe
Daisha Sherman


Raquel Coelho
Brandon Louie
Jeff Sangali
​David Yee


Pierina Caligaris
Jaleen Gong
Andre Huang
Matthew Lau
Marco Perez
Devin Rowe
Dorian Saisse

Models & Textures

Justin Leung
Cherise Punzalan
Hao Tran
Kristen Yu

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