A Bowl Full of Love
Short Film
After a particularly awful day, Ria decides to cook one of her favorite childhood dishes. She finds her mother’s old recipe book and embarks on a nostalgic journey as she recreates the dish. When all is said and done she realizes, it was never about the food. 

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Here is the trailer of the film! The complete film will be available after film festival runs in 2021. Please check out our social media for future updates!

Turnarounds of Ria and her family, both past and present. Artists: Jewlinna Suy, Cynthia Bailey, Katie Zhang, Stephanie Ho

Orthographics of our felt set kitchen, created by Meghan Graham and Grace Bennett

Some of the unique props created by Meghan Graham. Photo cred: Meghan Graham

Want to see how we got our final look for the cookbook? Animation by Josey Byrnes. Compositing by Ashrita Chavali. 
Crew Members
Ashrita Chavali_profile_pic.jpg

Ashrita Chavali


Animation Lead, Story Lead, Compositing Lead, Voice Actor


Jewlinna Suy

Vis Dev Lead

Animator, Compositor, Voice Actor

Production Manager

Julie Thompson

Environment Art

Cynthia Bailey*
Grace Bennett

Prop Artist

Michelle Kalman

Stephanie Ho

Katie Zhang


Nikitha Chandrashekar

Story Artist

Leti Castellano


Josey Byrnes*
Derek Christman
Rosanna Davila
Meghan Graham
Cindy Hoang
Maia Mallari
Hal Nguyen
Fiona Rieta
Devin Rowe
Julie Thompson*
Charlene Yang


Matthew Lau
Katie Zhang

Voice Acting

Anuradha Chavali

Anusri Chavali

Visual Development

Cynthia Bailey*
Stephanie Ho

Texture Artist

Nikitha Chandrashekar

Stephanie Ho

Matthew Lau

Katie Zhang


David Chai
John Clapp
Raquel Coelho
Jeff Sangalli
Priscilla Wong
David Yee

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